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HID Headlight Conversion offers the highest quality HID Kits available on the market place. We are committed to providing the best quality HID Kits for all vehicles.

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Lamborghini with HID Headlights Our HID Conversion Kits come with a standard 1 year NO HASSLE WARRANTY. We strive to work with our customers and provide prompt customer service and information to all of their questions.

We have a shared passion with our customers for high quality products and driving safety. We specialize in bringing you the most advanced HID Technology available on the market place while we stand behind our products 100%. We offer same day shipping and FREE SHIPPING!

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What does HID headlights mean?

HID is an abbreviation for High Intensity Discharge. You see Halogen Lights (come standard in 95% of cars) have a wire filament that is surrounded by an inert gas. Electricity from your car is provided to the filament which has a reaction with the gas and causes your halogen light bulb to glow brightly.

HID Bulbs on the other hand do not have a filament at all. The HID Bulbs are filled with xenon gas, mercury and metal halide salts. The glow is caused when electricity is supplied to the HID Bulb which creates an arc between two electrodes inside of the bulb. The ballast of the HID Kit supplies a high-voltage electrical charge to the HID Bulb which causes a bright glow. The brightness is 3 times more powerful than a regular halogen bulb and last 3-5 times HID headlights kit longer than a halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs last about 1 year normally or 250 hours, while HID Bulbs last 3-5 approximately years.

HID’s are generally found on “luxurious” vehicles such as BMW’s, Mercedes, and Lexus, but are becoming extremely popular with all vehicle owners because of their safety and stylish look.

What are HID Ballasts?

I’m sure that you have been doing a considerable amount of research on HID Headlights Conversions and I’m sure you have come across the term “Ballast”, but what does that mean? The function of the ballast is actually pretty simple and easy to understand.

The stock wiring harness that your car uses to power your current stock halogen lights run on 55 Watts. HID Kits require only 35 Watts. So the ballast is used to regulate, control and convert the standard electrical current from 55 Watts down to 35 Watts. The ballast protects your HID bulbs from shorting out or from not functioning properly.

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(Customers with the following newer luxury vehicles, please contact us prior to placing an order as your car may require a special HID kit: BMW, Benz, Audi, Dodge Pick-up, Charger, Magnum, Chrysler 300, Trailblazer DRL Issue,etc)

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